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Laplace M
App Name Laplace M
Genre RPG
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Latest Version 2.66.0
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MIA Online or Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is the hottest MMORPG games today. If sometimes you get tired of work pressures or problems surrounding your life, the virtual world of these games will be a great hiding place for you. In addition to these familiar names, you can also experience Laplace M, the latest MMORPG game released by ZlongGames in early January 2019. Japanese Anime is the main theme of this game, make it more and more adorable. If you are an anime fan or an MMORPG genre, then don't ignore Laplace M.

As a new open world romantic adventure mobile game

Laplace M was built on medieval context when many evil forces are gradually appearing and breaking people's peace. Before that situation, heroes everywhere showed up and became the leading side to protect people, against evil monsters raging everywhere. You can cast yourself into any character as you want. Your main task is to develop your character, travel to different lands and fight the other demons. The mission system will guide you, in turn opening up every little detail of the plot. However, you will also have to deal with numerous difficulties ahead. Concerning control, you use the virtual button to control the character to move, while using the skills at the right corner of the screen to attack the enemy. This gameplay is quite typical for RPGs and other MMOs. So it probably won't be difficult for you.

Character system

Time to participate in the game, the system allows you to create your character, and you can customize the appearance as you like. At the same time, you will choose your style one of 4 classes: Warriors, Wizards, Pastors, and Assasins. Of course, for each character in a different type, there will be separate development, while the skills are also designed independently, there is no duplication. Next, the characters are all characterized by the features: level, skill, equipment. Concerning equipment, you will collect equipment with better properties during the fight with the boss. More rare items will help you enhance the attributes for the character, and you can even upgrade equipment to get it higher. At the same time, you will also receive exp for the character to level up. The higher the level, the more new features are opened, and allow your character to learn more powerful skills, which will help you in the process of fighting the boss.


In addition to developing characters to become more powerful, the game also provides pet-raising functionality. Allows you to breed compelling battle animals. They are the summoned beasts in the game, and even can fight, accompany you on an arduous journey. Laplace M is an MMORPG, allowing you to interact with other players in the system. You can apply to join guilds, team up boss hunting teams, and do particular tasks, or even date and marry anyone you want.


For those who love Japanese Anime style, this game will let you immerse yourself with your love. The characters are in anime style, and the landscape is bright colors. All of it can keep the players in the game as long as possible. Comes with light effects, thunder, fire, smoke,... when the character performs attacks, providing extreme gameplay to the user. In short, Laplace M is a complete MMORPG game, excellent in both features and graphics that you should not ignore.

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Scarica APK (60.43MB)
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KingAldrin Avel
78 hr

samurai class?? already release??

Senkawa Chihiro
13 hr

Nice games, i just installed yesterday, but i got lost of time when i play this game,

hòa nobu
15 hr

game rất tuyệt tối ưu tương đối tốt,có điều hơi bất cập ở lồng tiếng nhân vật,nên 1 là có cả 2 là ko có cả

Minh Nhật
91 hr


Cu Te
88 hr

Có ai người việt nam vào chơi ko có thì like cho mik thấy ko cô độc nha

Mặt Trời Bé Con
28 hr

khi nao ra viet nam vậy ạ huhu

110 hr

Awesome game

Frosty Paws
72 hr

Awesome gameeee